How Much Can I Receive in SSDI Benefits?

    SSDI is a federally funded program providing help to the disabled. Individuals who have paid Social Security taxes are eligible for receiving SSDI benefits, upon approval of an application. SSDI proves to be of immense aid to people who have lost their ability to earn a living as a result of their disability. Because SSDI […]

  • How to Stop Robocall Harassment from Capital One

    Do some of these following lines sound familiar? Do you find yourself relating to them? “…While having this card I also received tons of phone calls from bogus callers trying to bleed me out of money. These places had way too much of my information without my ever contacting them…” Eric of Sheboygan Falls, WI […]

  • SSDI

    What Qualifies for Disability Benefits – Part 1

    Disability, and especially one that is long term, can have devastating consequences on the life of an individual. The SSDI is a federal aid program that supports individuals impacted by disability that is life-altering on several different levels: both physical and mental. However, because of the benefits gained from SSDI, the volume of applications received […]

  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking SSDI Approval

    SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal aid program that financially helps the disabled because their disability has robbed them of the means to earn their livelihood. Because of the range of benefits available to those approved for SSDI benefits, there is a high volume of applications made. However, a large number of […]

  • What if You Die Before Being Approved for your Social Security Disability Claim?

    One of the benefits of SSDI is that dependents of the original applicant are also eligible for benefits. Spouse, children, and even surviving parents of an individual who was receiving SSDI benefits can continue to receive them provided certain conditions are met. Surviving Spouse Benefits If the SSDI recipient possessed insurance before becoming disabled, their […]

  • Checklist for Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

    SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal financial aid program which provides aid to individuals who are rendered unemployed as a result of a disability. This disability can be long term or short term, but must be serious enough to render working impossible for the affected individual. Because the sheer volume of people […]

  • How to Win a SSDI Hearing?

    If you are an applicant for SSDI, you should be aware that for individuals whose application for SSDI benefits gets rejected, there exists the option of appealing. Appeals, or disability hearings, help the SSDI review the disability application in greater detail, allowing them to identify factors to approve or disprove the case better. SSDI hearings […]

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    As a department store, Kohl’s offers its consumers the option of shopping with a store credit card. This card allows users some discounts, depending on offers available at that time along with the option of deferred payments, as is the norm with credit card usage. When credit card bill payments are not made on time, […]

  • How to Respond to Questions in an SSDI Hearing

    SSDI hearings happen when an initial claim application for SSDI benefits is rejected. In order to proceed with an SSDI hearing, however, the applicant needs to apply for an appeal in a timely fashion or they may lose out on the chance to further state their case. What Happens In a SSDI Hearing? Typically, an […]

  • What Happens in an SSDI Hearing?

    An SSDI hearing takes place after a claim for disability, or SSDI benefits, is rejected. SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, is a federal program that provides financial aid to individuals who lose their ability to work and earn a livelihood to support themselves as a result of a disability. Applying for disability benefits is […]