• Dealing with Debt Harassment as a Single Mother

    Experts suggest to prevent the build-up of debt, one should ensure all bills are paid on time, including credit card bills. This is way easier said than done, and if you’re one of the scores of single women or mothers, juggling electricity and heating bills while ensuring there is food on the table and paying […]

  • Why Should You Get Legal Help From A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

    It may not always be necessary to use the help of a lawyer, but when dealing with the complexities of bankruptcy, it can help to have a professional on your side. When an organization or an individual is unable to pay off their debts and initiates a court order to reorganize the debts and help […]

  • How to Stop Santander for Harassment?

    Santander is a national bank. They offer consumers financial services, such as banking, credit card services, capital markets, insurance and wealth management. However, loans such as those arising out of credit cards can sometimes spiral out of control, causing payments to slide and debts to accrue, eventually leading to bad debts or missed payments. What […]