• How to Stop Call Harassment from Macy’s

    If you are consistently receiving calls from Macy’s and are wondering what to do about it, you may not be alone. Several people report getting harassment calls from Macy’s regarding the credit card services they offer consumers, and wonder how to stop them. Here are some of the complaints made online regarding the harassment: “…Never […]

  • Can I stop a debt collector for harassment?

    A debt collector can be legally stopped and sued if their actions are leading to increasing trauma and harassment for you, the debt holder. However, as a debt holder, you need to ascertain whether the actions taken by the collector are indeed illegal. Harassment by debt collectors Debt collectors are well within their rights to […]

  • How to Stop Harassment from Capital One

    Capital One, or Capital One Financial Corporation, is an American bank that offers consumers loans, banking and savings products, credit cards, etc. Notably, it is known as the company that has helped start the trend of mass-marketing credit cards in the US. As per Wikipedia reports, nearly 62% of the company’s revenue in 2015 was […]

  • Stop Unwanted Robo Dialer Calls from Your Creditor

    Robocalls or robo dialer calls are phone calls with pre-recorded messages. Auto-dialing equipment is used to make robocalls, which are on the rise due to the low call costs involved. How do you identify a robocall? Most auto dialing equipment or software plays a pre-recorded message once a call is answered by the person or […]

  • Stop Call Harassment from Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

    Victoria’s Secret offers customers the option to shop using the Comenity Bank Angel credit card. Unlike a Visa or Amex card, this is a store card and can be used only for purchases at the Victoria’s Secret store. Like certain credit cards that give consumers rewards, this one also provides rewards such as sign up […]