• 7 Forms of Debt Harassment

    You have just entered your apartment block after a hard day and work. The teenager who lives next door passes you by, giving you a strange look and a hesitant smile before informing you that his mother has a message for you which you need to pick up immediately. When you ring their doorbell, the […]

  • Stop Call Harassment from Allied Interstate

    Allied Interstate is a collection agency that collects overdue debts. As is the case with most third-party collectors, they buy the debts off entities that are owed money by the consumers and get paid some percentage of the debt once it is resolved. Because their payment depends on it, third-party collectors can get aggressive in […]

  • How to Stop Harassing calls from Transworld Systems

    You’re at the airport escorting your grandmother to a family reunion in another state. Engrossed in making crucial arrangements to ensure a comfortable flight for both of you, you realize your cell phone is ringing incessantly. You drop everything else and answer the call only to discover it is a debt collection call – and […]

  • How Can I Stop Harassment Stemming From a Debt Collection Agency?

    Debt collection agencies are in the business of collecting a debt owed to another entity. They are also referred to as debt collectors and operate on behalf of the creditors. Debt collection agencies get paid some percentage of the debt they collect. For them, it is important to pursue the debt to full monetary recovery […]