• Fifth Third Bank in Alleged Harassment Over the Telephone for Debt Collection

    Fifth Third Bank has been in the news for causing debt collection-related harassment over the phone. A consumer has brought a lawsuit against them for alleged harassment over the telephone regarding a debt which, by itself, is also under dispute. The Case The case, listed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of […]

  • How to Stop Bill Collector Harassment

    If you’re facing offensive behavior from a debt collector for an unpaid, overdue debt, you’re facing what is probably debt related harassment. This harassment could be in the form of personal communication via mail or even over the phone in the form of harassing calls. Who are bill collectors? Bill collectors are also called debt […]

  • Overview – The California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the California FDCPA

    The California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act seeks to protect consumers in the state of California from abusive debt practices by collectors in much the same way as the FDCPA, but with a stricter set of guidelines. These guidelines also regulate companies that are in the business of collecting old and unpaid debts. The California […]

  • Do I Need a Debt Collection Harassment Attorney?

    Debt collection harassment can take various forms, including embarrassing visits by debt collection agents. Debt collection is a legitimate activity to recover overdue money and loans. However, when collection practices start to cause trauma and stress, they take the form of harassment. These also include the following practices by debt collectors: Repeated phone calls; disregard […]