• TCPA Violations By Comenity Bank

    Consider the following testimonials: “… Recently they began to call me many time during the day, which is totally harassment, to ask me to make the payment … And they just can’t explain clearly how those charges was applied to the account…” – Ling Z. “… These people keep leaving me messages intended for someone […]

  • Dealing with Debt Collectors: Some tips from the BBB

    What happens when you receive the dreaded notice from the debt collector, saying this is your last chance to pay up? Do you feel stressed out and worried? Most debt collectors, especially those belonging to third party collection agencies, resort to unethical practices when collecting overdue debt. Regardless of their collection practices, it is important […]

  • Debt collector harassment is more common than you thought

    How often is it that you are in the middle of work or just spending time with family or friends and your phone rings? More importantly, you rush to pick it up, especially if it is early in the morning or late in the night, concerned someone needs critical aid only to discover it is […]

  • Medical Debt Harassment: Top Violations by Collectors

    Medical debt harassment is a serious issue faced by many consumers. According to an online report, medical debt collection complaints from the second-largest number of complaints received by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB was formed in 2011 to safeguard consumer interests in the financial sector (banks, credit unions, debt collectors, etc. operating […]

  • Couple Alleges Harassment from Debt Collection Agency

    Earlier in the month of April, David and Robyn Treece filed a complaint against Merchants Credit LLC alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. According to online reports, the couple has been getting calls constantly for a debt they had raised to cover their daughter’s medical requirements. However, according to the […]