• Facing Harassment by Navy Federal Credit Union? Some guidelines on what you can do about it.

    Navy Federal Credit Union is a retail credit union in the US and provides mortgages, credit cards and investments, etc. to consumers. Membership is provided to Department of Defense employees, active, serving or retired, and family members like spouses, siblings, grandchildren, etc. How can a credit union harass consumers? Navy Federal Credit Union is there […]

  • Stop Credit Card Bill Collector Harassment

    You’re in the middle of clearing a long-standing misunderstanding with your parents across the dinner table when the phone begins to ring. It won’t stop and you finally interrupt your conversation to answer it, returning visibly shaken because it was a harsh bill collector on the line informing you about the $900 you owe on […]

  • Stop Harassment from Alliance Data Systems Corporation

    Alliance Data Systems Corporation (Alliance) offers a number of credit cards, including cards for retail brands like Victoria’s Secret. The credit programs for clients are managed by two banks under the Comenity name. Alliance can call consumers when there are past due debts that have not been paid. However, this does not automatically render a […]