• A Quick Guide to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New Hampshire

    Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Hampshire? Read our guide to help you. Before we start though, a few words of caution: Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision. You will likely mull over it and need to analyze other ways out before you zero-in on choosing bankruptcy as the way out. Bankruptcy […]

  • How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Massachusetts?

    If you happen to find yourself in debt that you cannot pay, bankruptcy provides you with a way out by restructuring the debt in such a way that you make payments over a period of time. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Massachusetts Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to get a fresh start and to wipe […]

  • Comenity Bank in Focus Again: TCPA Violations During Debt Collection

    Comenity Bank is yet again facing TCPA violations over allegations of using automated equipment to make telephone calls for the purpose of debt collection, which are leading to consumer harassment. To begin with, Comenity Bank isn’t a traditional banking services provider, but provides credit cards, including store credit cards. When a consumer fails to pay […]

  • Law to the Rescue: Patient Gets $34,500 as Damages for Medical Debt Harassment

    Medical debt collection-related communication, due to its nature, can stress out consumers and push them to make payments as soon as possible, by any means available. A debt collection agency, once hired, gets paid only when debt is recovered. As a result, such an agency will push for quick collection from the consumers, including using […]