• How to Apply for Disability in Massachusetts (MA)?

    Social Security Disability Insurance provides financial help to individuals no longer able to pursue any form of employment due to a disability. Applying for disability in Massachusetts (MA) involves several steps, including determination of the disability. There are several medical conditions that qualify for disability insurance. The medical conditions leading to disability may be physical […]

  • Robocall Harassment and What it Means For the Consumer

    Student loan company Navient is in the news for owing $300,000 to an individual because of debt collection-related harassment caused through calls made using automated calling equipment. Navient started contacting Paul DeMuth, a Pennsylvania resident, for the purpose of debt collection because he had defaulted on his student loan payments. The collection translated into DeMuth […]

  • How to Qualify for Social Security Disability

    Imagine the nightmare of not being able to earn enough to make ends meet. Between the troubles faced by those who are perpetually struggling to earn their keep and those who focus on their careers and means of livelihood, lies the grey zone of disability. Disability robs an individual of the ability to go to […]

  • Benefits of Social Security Disability

    If you have, or someone you know has, suffered from a disability recently but not applied for benefits under the Social Security disability benefits program, you need to consider it. Social Security Disability Insurance is a Federal program that provides financial benefits to people with disabilities. Under this program, disabled people and authorized members of […]