How to Apply for Disability in Massachusetts (MA)?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides financial help to individuals no longer able to pursue any form of employment due to a disability. Applying for disability in Massachusetts (MA) involves several steps, including determination of the disability. There are several medical conditions that qualify for disability insurance. The medical conditions leading to disability may be physical or mental.

These can belong to the following categories:

  • Severe enough to prevent you from continuing employment.
  • Severe enough to prevent you from pursuing other forms or kinds of employment or activity that could provide you with financial gains.
  • Has already lasted for a term of twelve months or has the potential to last for a year or more.

If your disability has the potential to last for a year, it does not mean you cannot apply before a year is over. You can file the claim, which will take into consideration the ailment that has the potential to last a year or more.

Some of the medical conditions include:

Arthritis and its different forms, different kinds of cancer, problems of the eyes or ears, muscular dystrophy, heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Applying for Disability

Once you determine that you are indeed eligible for disability, you need to file for it. Application for disability in Massachusetts (MA) includes three key factors:

  1. Providing Information on the appropriate forms
  2. Qualifying for disability insurance
  3. Waiting for claims approval

Steps to apply for disability in Massachusetts (MA)

Print out the checklist and review it thoroughly. The checklist contains areas of information that will be needed from the applicant. These include birth and citizenship details, marriage and divorce details, details of spouses and children, employers or other details if self-employed. Job history, history of military service, if any, and a detailed medical description are some of the areas covered.

Collect information as asked for in the review before you sit down to fill in the form. This way you have collected the required paperwork and evidence, and chances of error at the time of submission are reduced.

    • Review requirements before filling in the form

Reviewing your information thoroughly will increase chances of your claim getting accepted. If you have access to the Social Security Administration website, check the page on requirements for online application for disability. You probably already know all of this information, but a review means you will not miss out on anything pertinent that could get your disability claim rejected.

    • Download the form to apply online, or in person at one of the Massachusetts (MA) Social Security Offices

You can apply for disability online, or visit one of the various Social Security offices located in Massachusetts (MA). Individuals can also contact the office over the telephone to determine how to proceed.

When applying online, remember that chances of claims getting denied are higher than those of claims getting accepted. This is because there are several steps involved in the process of application, including verification of disability through assessment of medical records, a continuing disability review, as well as medical and psychological evidence.

    • File according to the disability specifications of the Social Security office

Unless your disability falls within specifications of the Social Security office, your claim will not move ahead. While the list is comprehensive, it still does not make the process of filing easy. You will need to re-evaluate whether you file as per specifications. In the state of Massachusetts (MA), you will need to fill in a form where you describe details, such as your condition of disability, when you apply. This form also serves to help evaluate whether or not you qualify.

    • Filling in the form

The filling in of the form may take anything between two to three hours, even after you are ready and prepared. Because it is a detailed form, you have the option to save it periodically and not fill it in a single, marathon sitting.

You will be asked whether you are filling for yourself, or whether the form is being filled for someone else. The form also provides for blind or visually impaired individuals in the form of an Internet Special Options Page for those who want to avail it.

Remember to put in all information regarding your medical condition, information about your doctor or healthcare institute, etc. on the form. This enables authorities to conduct verification smoothly. This is regardless of the records and evidence you submit from your side.

    • Wait for follow up from authorities

The Social Security Administration will follow up with individuals. But you are free to create a Social Security account to check the status of your application. This can be done on .

Increase Chances of Acceptance

Because denial rates of claims are high, reaching out to a Social Security attorney when filing can help you. A professional who knows Social Security Disability can help improve chances of your claim getting approved. Their understanding can guide you to an amount of benefit that is your rightfully due.

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