• Stop Portfolio Recovery Associates’ Call Harassment

    Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt collection company that buys debt from bankruptcies, among other sources, including credit card debt. Typically, a company that buys debt gets paid once the debt is settled. As a result, they pursue debt recovery diligently, and at times, are liable to employ aggressive tactics as well. Portfolio Recovery Associates […]

  • Phantom Debts: FTC Sues Company for Collecting Debts That Were Not Owed

    Phantom debts are debts that are not owed by the consumer at all. For many consumers however, phantom debts become a reality. They may not owe any debt but get debt reminder calls and messages nevertheless. This is one of the major complaints consumers make regarding debt collection and is a legal offense under the […]

  • How to File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Massachusetts?

    Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help a business in two ways: by reordering and/or reorganizing it so that the business owner gets a chance to keep their company. It may be used to clear a business of some of its debts or contracts, but it cannot create revenue again for the business or guarantee that it […]