• How To File A Personal Injury Claim

    A personal injury claim occurs when you are injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s fault or negligence. Personal injury claim also refers to the sum of money the injured party receives as a result of this negligence. This money is meant to cover repairs, medical bills and treatment costs, etc. that […]

  • Steps Towards Resolving Your Personal Injury Case

    A personal injury case occurs when a situation results in injury or damage to an individual and/or their belongings as a result of neglect. Personal injury is most often associated with a car or automobile accident. If the car accident involves a negligent driver resulting in loss or damage to another on the road, a […]

  • Top 5 Points To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

    Suppose you are driving out along a fairly quiet road. You are driving at a steady clip when suddenly without warning, another car zooms in from the opposite side, catching your car on the front headlight on its side. You are jolted but fortunately because of your slow speed, you were able to avoid a […]

  • Personal Injury Settlements And SSDI: Can I Receive Both In Massachusetts?

    Imagine a situation where you applied for, and finally received, approval for SSDI. However, after this, you get involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. As a result, the negligent party opts for a personal injury settlement and you receive a lump sum of money. Now, what happens to your SSDI benefits? The […]