• What Are Exemptions Under the Massachusetts Bankruptcy laws?

    If you’ve made the decision to file for bankruptcy in Massachusetts (MA), you need to understand the exemptions available to you. Bankruptcy laws in Massachusetts differ slightly from the federal statutes on bankruptcy. Here are some exemptions granted by state laws for bankruptcy applications filed in Massachusetts: Place of Residence: Also referred to as the […]

  • How To Stop Auto Dialer Calls from Fifth Third Bank

    Navigating a particularly difficult stretch on the road during rush hour, you receive a phone call. Thinking it’s probably from the office asking why you’re delayed, you flick on your hands-free set to receive the call. Turns out you’re being redirected and as you decide to hold on, you begin to hear a pre-recorded message […]

  • Stop Debt Collection Harassment By Comenity Bank

    Are you feeling anxious about when the next call will suddenly happen or what the folks in your house would be thinking if they knew about the debt you are overdue on? Or worse still, getting asked about ‘that overdue debt amount’ from colleagues? Know that you are not alone. Comenity Bank issues credit cards […]

  • What is Personal Injury Law? What is different in MA Personal Injury Law?

    Personal injury is when an individual suffers injuries or damage as a result of the negligence or carelessness of another. A personal injury claim is then filed to recover damages in the form of money and depending on the strength of the case, the claim may be approved or rejected. In legal terms, personal injury […]

  • Does My Disability Qualify Me For SSDI?

    As an employee, most Americans pay Social Security taxes, among other payments. These taxes also fund the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Disability (SSDI) programs. These programs provide financial assistance to individuals whose ability to earn a living is impacted negatively by a physical disability. SSDI provides benefits to the disabled and their dependents […]