• How to Speed up Your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Claim

    Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is financial aid that is provided to individuals with a disability that prevents them from working and earning a livelihood. SSDI is a federal program that is funded from social security taxes, which means that to receive SSDI benefits, the applicant needs to have paid social security taxes. Typically, […]

  • Stop Robocall Harassment from Barclay

    Barclay is a financial company providing several different financial services. The company also issues several different kinds of credit cards that can be used for entertainment, travel, retail, etc. There have been reports of harassment stemming from collection calls made for the collection of overdue payment or debt accruing on these credit cards. What Is […]

  • The FDCPA and Some Common Violations

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) often sees violations of its guidelines. Debt collectors, especially third-party debt collectors, are usually in such a hurry to recover their money, they resort to behavior practices that can lead to harassment and trauma for the consumer. More recently, according to online reports, a class action lawsuit is […]

  • Debt Collection Calls or Harassment? Understanding the Difference

    For most individuals, the thought of being overdue on a debt payment is a cause for worry by itself. Every consumer with debt, would ideally like to be rid of it as fast as possible. Overdue loans are usually a result of compelling circumstances and situations that hinder timely payouts. Add to this abusive interactions […]

  • Differences Between SSDI and Private Disability Insurance

    When faced with disability, an individual may have certain difficult decisions to make. These decisions include medical treatment options available to them, whether or not they will be able to work and pursue employment the same way as they did, and what their options are when it comes to paying bills, including for food and […]