Different Ways to Stop Collection Calls

ways to stop collection calls

ways to stop collection calls

Before you can stop the nuisance caused by collection calls, you need to ensure they aren’t indeed genuine calls for overdue debt owed by you.

There is nothing illegal about collecting genuine debt. However, no individual likes to be in default and the fear of overdue debt is why bad collection calls succeed in traumatizing customers. However, there are ways to stop bad collection calls. If you or someone you know is receiving collection calls, pay attention to the following:

  • Debt collectors must contact only valid customers. It is not uncommon for debt-free consumers to receive harassing debt collection calls.
  • Debt collectors need to honor the Do-Not-Call registry where listed phone numbers may not be contacted.
  • Debt collectors must leave a valid identity and contact details for the entity on whose behalf they are making collection calls.
  • Messages about bad debt cannot be left with friends, family, or relatives of the customer.
  • Requests in written form to stop making collection calls have to be honored.

Once you have determined that you are indeed receiving bad debt collection calls, it is time to put an end to the nuisance. Here are some ways to stop collection calls:

Check your records to see if you own the debt

Debt collectors aren’t 100% correct when they contact you. Even if they are legally required to confirm a debt before contact, many don’t. As a consumer, if you discover you don’t owe the debt at all, you can make them stop the calls.

Check back on the company contacting you

Legally, debt collectors must leave a contact number and name of the entity on whose behalf they are calling. Once you have the contact number, check on your debt details before taking any other step. Keep in mind, not all debt collectors leave behind a legitimate contact number or the number of the entity they are collecting on behalf of. You may need to persist in drawing out a name and number from those answering the collection number.

Know your rights

Most bad debt collection calls succeed because of lack of awareness. You can tell a debt collector who is being rude or intimidating that you know the laws governing debt collection practices, namely the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, etc.

Informing debt collectors that you will send a written notice

Debt collectors must honor written requests to stop calling. It is perfectly legal for them to take action against genuine overdue debt, but even that must take into accord legal guidelines that oversee debt collection practices.

Contact a professional TCPA attorney

There are several ways to stop debt collection calls. One of them is to get in touch with a professional who understands the laws when it comes to stopping the harassment. A professional can guide you on how to communicate with debt collectors and what definitive action to take when communication efforts fail.

Stop the Harassment Now

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