• How Can You Identify Scam Collection Calls?

    Scam collection calls are often related to debt collection involving overdue payments. Collecting overdue payments is not an illegal activity by itself. However, debt collection and those involved in collecting overdue debt, including via phone calls, must adhere to certain rules and regulations. Further, overdue payments or debt isn’t always pursued by the entity consumers […]

  • Personal Injury Claim

    Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

    Personal injury refers to damage that is caused to an individual’s body, mind, or emotions after they are involved in an accident caused through another person’s negligence, oversight, misconduct, etc. A lawsuit can be brought against the person or persons responsible for causing the action that led to the trauma, injury, or damage. Personal injury […]

  • Debt Harassment Calls

    What Are The Different Kinds of Collection Calls You Can Receive?

    Collection calls referred to in this article are calls made for the purpose of recovering overdue money, either in the form of unpaid bills, or payments that have lapsed and have morphed into bad debt. These are also known as debt collection calls. Debt collection calls may result from unpaid credit card bills, loans such […]