What Are The Different Kinds of Collection Calls You Can Receive?

Debt Harassment Calls

Collection calls referred to in this article are calls made for the purpose of recovering overdue money, either in the form of unpaid bills, or payments that have lapsed and have morphed into bad debt. These are also known as debt collection calls. Debt collection calls may result from unpaid credit card bills, loans such as student and medical loans, other unpaid and overdue bills, etc.

What are the different kinds of collection calls?

Debt collection calls are regulated by laws, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. This is because they possess the potential to cause harassment, depending on the type of call made.

It is important to note that the TCPA also regulates the use of devices, such as fax machines and cell phones. These are used to make marketing calls as well, especially promotional calls where consumers hear messages promoting a particular company or services. These calls, like debt collection calls, have the potential to disregard consumer consent and explicit agreement to receiving calls.

Here is a list of different types of collection calls, whether marketing-related or related to debt collection, that an individual may receive. This list can also help identify whether a particular kind of call is related to debt collection or not.

  • Persistent calls; odd hours of the day
  • No information being provided regarding the debt; consumer being called is likely not verified as the debt-holder either
  • Caller information withheld, or provided in an unclear manner; fake contact details provided, if at all
  • Message regarding the debt shared with someone else, including family, friends, relatives, etc.; information shared with anybody who receives the call on behalf of the intended
  • Calls being received despite the number being registered on the Do Not Call registry
  • Consumer not being asked whether or not they have agreed to receive calls or expressed consent to being contacted

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Stop collection calls now

If you, or someone you know, is facing harassment, you can put a stop to collection calls. Reach out to a professional TCPA lawyer who can guide you and help put an end to the harassment.

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