What are PIP benefits and should I apply for them?

Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is coverage for anybody involved in an auto accident, regardless of the individual whose fault led to the mishap. Thus, the owner of the automobile, the driver, passengers, etc., any individual who is injured can receive assistance. PIP is mandatory by some states as part of minimum auto insurance coverage. In some states where PIP is not binding and compulsory, the insurance company may need to be notified about PIP missing from the auto insurance policy.

PIP can cover nearly 80% of medical expenses incurred from an accident, depending on the limits of the coverage. It is also referred to as the ‘no-fault’ car insurance in some states, such as Florida. Expenses covered by PIP include medical treatments for those involved in an accident and can also include rehabilitation, repairs and replacement for equipment damaged.

Personal injury protection also pays out wages, and this is where it is different from medical payments.

Here are some benefits of the PIP:

  • Rapid assessment of the situation to help disbursement of funds
  • Covers medical costs, loss in wages, and death or funeral requirements
  • Covers surgical costs and hospital bills
  • Covers rehabilitation costs
  • Economic assistance with childcare duties and housekeeping chores, pet care, etc. depending upon state laws

Should You Opt for PIP?

PIP is a highly recommended plan for the insurance benefits for both, yourself and your family members. PIP steps in with critical economic assistance when it comes to payment of large medical bills and repair and restoration costs which may not be covered by medical insurance at all. Further, the disability benefits and lost wages covered by PIP can help tide over an emotionally difficult time, without the added burden of financial hardships. In a case where you carpool frequently or drop your own children and those of family and friends to school, etc. PIP will prove to be very useful if you are unable to carry out the task any further.

Talk to a Professional

Worried about whether or not you can afford PIP coverage? Talk to a professional Personal Injury Attorney now. At Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC, we help clients who are facing the prospects of disability and preparing to live with it with dignity and independence. Our team of attorneys, over the years, has helped countless clients gain assistance, including on matters related to Personal injury protection.

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