• Drug Possession MA

    The MA Drug Possession Overview

    Drug laws in Massachusetts can be harsh. If you think MA DUI/OUI charges are complicated to navigate, you’ll soon realize that drug possession is penalized as an even harsher crime. Consider the following details: If convicted of drug possession, you may lose the right to obtain licenses, including professional ones such as liquor licenses and […]


    OUI and DUI and how it can lead to License Suspension

    In the state of Massachusetts, DUI/OUI is penalized heavily. If you or someone you know is facing a DUI/OUI charge, get in touch with a professional advocate immediately. Here are some details on the license suspension laws regulating DUI/OUI in Massachusetts: On a first offense, the driving license is revoked for one year. For a […]


    What are Possible Penalties if Found Guilty of DUI/OUI in Massachusetts?

    The DUI/OUI laws in MA are very strict. Refusing to take a breathalyzer test can result in license suspensions and other penalties. In Massachusetts, the driving license is granted to individuals with an implied consent for a blood test and thus, if a driver refuses it, it is treated as grounds enough for a license […]


    What is the difference between OUI and DUI in MA?

        Both Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Operating Under the Influence (OUI) refer to driving under the influence of alcohol. In Massachusetts, however, the use of the specific term is important. While OUI is a general term, DUI refers to a felony offense. DUI/OUI and Other Legal Terms In Massachusetts, driving when drunk […]

  • Possession of an Illegal Drug

    Massachusetts’ law prohibits an individual from knowingly or intentionally possessing any controlled substance without a valid prescription. To be found guilty of possession, you must (1) have knowledge of the substance, and (2) have actually possession of it, meaning on your person or in your control. You can face punishment of up to one year […]