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    How Can TCPA Help You Stop Collection Calls?

    Collection calls refer to calls made by debt collectors when collecting overdue payments. These payments could be overdue credit card bills and loans, including student loans, medical bills, phone bills, etc. Collection calls have the potential to turn into harassment as debt collectors may call several times; many times over the week, many times in […]

  • How to Stop Robocall Harassment from Kohl’s

    As a department store, Kohl’s offers its consumers the option of shopping with a store credit card. This card allows users some discounts, depending on offers available at that time along with the option of deferred payments, as is the norm with credit card usage. When credit card bill payments are not made on time, […]

  • Stop Robocall Harassment from Barclay

    Barclay is a financial company providing several different financial services. The company also issues several different kinds of credit cards that can be used for entertainment, travel, retail, etc. There have been reports of harassment stemming from collection calls made for the collection of overdue payment or debt accruing on these credit cards. What Is […]

  • Robocall Harassment and What it Means For the Consumer

    Student loan company Navient is in the news for owing $300,000 to an individual because of debt collection-related harassment caused through calls made using automated calling equipment. Navient started contacting Paul DeMuth, a Pennsylvania resident, for the purpose of debt collection because he had defaulted on his student loan payments. The collection translated into DeMuth […]

  • Comenity Bank in Focus Again: TCPA Violations During Debt Collection

    Comenity Bank is yet again facing TCPA violations over allegations of using automated equipment to make telephone calls for the purpose of debt collection, which are leading to consumer harassment. To begin with, Comenity Bank isn’t a traditional banking services provider, but provides credit cards, including store credit cards. When a consumer fails to pay […]

  • TCPA Violations By Comenity Bank

    Consider the following testimonials: “… Recently they began to call me many time during the day, which is totally harassment, to ask me to make the payment … And they just can’t explain clearly how those charges was applied to the account…” – Ling Z. “… These people keep leaving me messages intended for someone […]

  • TCPA violations: Is the business liable or is it the third party collection agency’s responsibility?

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA safeguards the interests of telephone consumers through regulating the use of automated calling equipment. It has several other guidelines aimed at ensuring telephone communications do not become a nuisance. However, the Act has seen a number of violations, alleged or proven, through lawsuits. Most recently, in the case […]

  • TCPA violations alleged: Class action lawsuit filed by individuals against Festiva Development Group Inc. and Allen Marketing Group Inc.

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) restricts unsolicited communication, including the use of automated equipment and text messages on cellphones. Routinely, there have been violations of the TCPA guidelines, one recent one being the class action lawsuit filed against the Festiva Development Group Inc. (Festiva) and the Allen Marketing Group Inc. (Allen). The current class […]

  • How to Find a Good TCPA Lawyer?

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 safeguards the interests of customers through regulating the use of automatic dialing systems, including recorded or artificial voice messages and SMS texts messages. However, as any lawyer who has handled a good number of TCPA cases would tell you, this has not stopped the harassment caused by […]

  • Not following TCPA guidelines? Wells Fargo to pay more than $16 million in a settlement

    The Wells Fargo Bank has agreed to pay more than $16 million in a settlement for a proposed class action that alleges they made calls on cell phones using automatic telephone dialing systems without their customers’ permission. The plaintiffs are Steven L. Markos, Tiffany Davis and Gregory Page. According to their complaint, Wells Fargo violated […]