Massachusetts Debt Collection

Defense Against Debt Collector Abuse

If you’ve come to our website, it’s likely that you’ve experienced debt harassment. It is not an uncommon thing for creditors to behave in an abusive manner to harass consumers. Not many people know this, but debt collectors and creditors have certain regulations they are supposed to follow, which do not allow them to harass consumers when they are collecting debts. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act (also known as Chapter 93A) are in place to prohibit inappropriate actions on the behalf of collection agencies.

The actions prohibited by these Acts include:

  • Inappropriate threats
  • Obscene language
  • Harassment
  • Excessive phone calls
  • Visiting your home at irregular hours

Fortunately for you, Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is here to help with various debt collectors. This includes harassment because of credit card debt, student loans, medical bills, and any other collection agencies. Get in touch with us right away by calling us at 855-254-7841!


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