Personal Injury

What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury refers to some form of damage sustained by the human mind or body, as opposed to an object. A personal injury claim is brought on when an individual suffers some form of harm through another, directly or indirectly. Typically, a personal injury claim is brought about as a result of negligence, oversight, lack of adequate attention paid, etc. In some cases, it may also focus on liability.

Here are some more questions that typically need to be answered to understand personal injury better:

  • How is a personal injury identified?
  • Is my injury covered under a personal injury claim?
  • Who pays for the damage?
  • How are personal injury claims processed?
  • How much time do you have to put in a personal injury claim?
  • How is personal injury compensation paid out? Is it taxable income?

Confused about these? Contact our personal injury professionals at (855) 254-7841 now and get all the answers you need. What can be considered as a claim under personal injury?

There are several categories that personal injury claims can fall under. However, here are some common ones:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Individuals getting hurt in an automobile or car accident
  • Getting bitten by a dog
  • Slipping and falling in premises belonging to another individual
  • Injuries arising as a result of negligence in a residential setting
  • Damages caused due to carelessness in an industrial setting
  • Chemical damage, for example eye injuries resulting from chemical contact
  • Injuries to body parts, such as wrists, arms, etc.
  • Psychological injuries, including work-related stress or abuse

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Factors like insurance can affect personal injury claims, influencing the compensation paid out. Personal injury professionals understand these factors to help analyze the situation and make an informed estimate of compensation.

At Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC, we help clients battling injuries which are often serious and resulting from negligence or careless behavior. Our team of attorneys over the years, has helped countless clients get fair compensation for their trauma, eventually earning freedom from the worries and stress.

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